Taco Bell building proposal


A new Taco Bell drive through has been given the go ahead in Beighton joining a list of fast food restaurants just a short distance away from each other.

The drive through is planned to be built next to Damon’s restaurant near Sevenairs road, close to residential areas.

Many residents are concerned about the amount of traffic the restaurant will bring along with added c02 emissions.

Councillors have proposed to re-paint more double yellow lines along Sevenairs Road to reduce traffic, but residents worry it could push parking further into the residential areas.

Cristin Goodyear, a local resident said: “Extending the double yellow lines won’t solve the issue, all it will do is force those that park on Sevenairs Road further into the estate. It’s totally unfair on the residents that live there.”

Another concern is adding to the rise of obesity, making fast food so easy to access.

Obesity levels have risen in the UK, seeing 20% of Year 6 Children (age 10-11), and 29% of adults classed as obese (stats from NHS website 2019).

Jean Maher, a second local resident, said: “Doesn’t anybody cook anymore? This area could do with hotels or bed and breakfasts for visitors and people attending meetings nearby. People will be obese if these food chains carry on.”

On the flip side many people say it’s all in moderation, having a balanced diet and eating fast food every once in a while.

Ethan James, a third resident, said: “I’m looking forward to enjoying a burrito or taco. Health concerns are minimal I’d say, If you lack self control it is your own fault.”

A final resident, Jade Batty, also agreed with Ethan and said: “I think people need to take more responsibility for themselves and their health as oppose to blaming a fast food restaurant.

“People choose to eat unhealthy regularly, nobody forces them. It’s all about making healthier lifestyle choices.”

It is still unknown exactly when work will begin to build the Taco Bell store but despite residents complaints the restaurant will be going ahead.