A couple have renewed calls to deal with speeding cars, after their cat became the latest to be killed on a busy Mosborough road. 

Maria, 46, and  John Atherley, 50, discovered their 9-year-old cat, Sookie, had been hit on Mosborough High Street when they were contacted by local animal charity, Blue Cross, after a passer-by had brought her in.

Mr Atherley said: “This time it was our cat Sookie, next time it could be your child or grandchild.”

The couple rescued Sookie when she was just 18 months old from the RSPCA and the loss of their cat has inspired them to try to prevent it happening again.


Mrs Atherley said: “She was a beloved family member and will be sorely missed,” before adding, “but our concern is really about speed in the village.

“The loss of our pets is bad and affects us personally, but we are focused on preventing further death and injury.” 

Other residents have expressed their concerns, saying motorists often break the 30mph speed limit.

Jackie South, 64, said: “The speed that people razz around at is absolutely frightening, especially near a school.

“It only takes a moment’s distraction and a speeding car to end a life,” she warned.

Bernadette Smith, 62, said: “The speed limit is very rarely adhered to, particularly by the boy racers with loud exhausts that almost frighten the living daylights out of you.”

The death of Sookie comes after another pet, a Chihuahua owned by 25-year-old Brooke Leigh, was also killed in the same area just a couple of weeks ago.

A petition has been launched by her to introduce traffic calming measures, which will be discussed at a Sheffield City Council meeting next month, with Mosborough councillors supporting the move.

South Yorkshire Police have also said they are to introduce handheld speed cameras next week on the road to monitor the issue. 

Mrs Atherley is also drawing up a paper version of the petition, for those without internet access.

A public meeting will be held at St Mark’s Church on October 25 at 6pm and residents are encouraged to attend.

The petition can be found here.