Residents in Owlthorpe are speaking out after plans were submitted 72 houses to build on green space in the area.

The plans, submitted by Avant Homes in August, involve the building of new houses off Moorthorpe Way. This is in addition to 619 already being built within three miles of the proposed site.

Concerns are being raised over the destruction of what is currently a thriving wildlife habitat.

Claire Baker (Pictured, centre), of the Owlthorpe Fields Action Group, said: “It’s a green space that’s widely used.

“There’s lots of protected species here and it’s been completely downplayed in the planning application.

“There’s birds in here that are on the RSPB Red List.”

Birds on the red list are the most endangered species.

There are also fears that local infrastructure and services won’t be able to cope with the increase in housing.

Ms Baker said: “Traffic is horrendous here, from this side of Sheffield.

“We’re in an air quality management area, so people are concerned about the air quality

“And nobody can get a Doctor’s appointment here already, so how can more houses be built? It won’t cope.”

Objections have been raised on the Sheffield City Council website by dozens of residents, as well as other local organisations, such as the Friends of the Peak District and the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

Ms Baker also questioned why the land, which borders Greenbelt land, and in itself is a Greenfield area, had been chosen.

“We’ve looked on the City Council website and they’ve got five years worth of space on Brownfields sites to build houses on. So why not build there?

“We understand that people need houses and that there’s a housing crisis, but there’s other sites to build on before destroying this land.”

The group says that while it has support locally, it now needs more recognition city-wide, in order to ramp up its fight.

Representatives from Sheffield City Council have been contacted for comment.

To read more about the application, you can visit the Sheffield City Council website here.

Avant Homes have also been contacted for comment.