A new campaign group has set its sights on Town Hall after their first meeting in St Mark’s Church in Mosborough.

‘Mosborough Under 30’ met for the first time on Friday night as a direct response to two incidents due to speeding cars on the A6135 and High Street.

The meeting, of around 20 village residents, was chaired by Maria Atherley, 46, who lives on High Street. Maria’s cat, Sookie, was killed by a speeding car earlier this month.

She said: “We’ve had lots of naysayers who’ve told us ‘we’ve tried this in the past’, ‘15 years ago we did this’, and ‘ten years ago we did that’.

“What we need to do is to say ‘this is now, what do we want to do as a community to try to raise awareness and take it higher’?”


John Atherley, Maria Atherley, and Brooke Staves (left to right)


One resident, who has lived in the village for over 70 years, told the group of the various times in history the council was supposed to be introducing traffic calming measures but had not.

The group came up with a list of ways that cars could be slowed down to 30mph on High Street.

These included more 30mph signs along the road, fake speed cameras, and a volunteer force of speed monitors in high vis.

Vicar Sue Stewart suggested all residents driving at 28mph in order to physically slow down other drivers.

One resident said: “I’m taking great pleasure in being tailgated because I know I’m driving safely.”

The A6135, which becomes High Street in the village, is a 30mph road, but drivers speed here, the residents feel, due to poor signage.

The group agreed that the lack of 30mph road signs causes drivers to forget the speed limit, aided by the width of the road and central turning lanes.

The group wants to compile as much data as they can in order to lobby the council to introduce some of the measures they discussed.

It will attend the council meeting on 6 November to raise its issue.