Plans for a 30-space car park at Athelstan Primary School in Handsworth have forced residents to consider moving out. 

Permission for the plan is expected to be granted when it goes to the council today, but people living on Holyoake Avenue are fighting against it. 

The car park will be used for local football club, New Bohemians, who play at the weekends, but seven residents have objected to the proposals, including 46-year-old Simon Adrian Bellamy, who has considered moving out. 

We considered it but have just spent £40,000 on a loft conversion,” he said 

A 3-bedroom detached property on the road, valued at £260,000, has been up for sale since February. 

Mr Bellamy said when he had the property valued, an estate agent told him the current situation may “put people off” buying the house. 

The plans “deliver traffic safety benefits” and “reduces nuisance” according to Sheffield City Council officers. 

But Mr Bellamy – who is not against the car park itself – feels that he and the other residents who live on Holyoake Avenue have been ignored by the football club.  

He said: “Things started off really good when New Bohemians started playing there, but the communication stopped from the club. 

“The car park was used in the school grounds years ago, so why can’t that happen again?” He added. 

Others supported the proposals, including 48-year-old Lisa Boden. 

She said: “Sunday was an absolute joke. People had just parked on corners, over drives, doubled parked, it was a mare to drive through.” 

Lisa Roche, 39, who also attended last Sunday, said: ”It was a nightmare for the residents. The club are trying to resolve this so I don’t understand the objections.” 

Due to the traffic on Holyoake Avenue last Sunday, an ambulance could not get through the road, and the introduction of the car park hopes to improve this. 

Woodhouse councillor Paul Wood, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, said he was unaware of the proposals. 

He said: “Athelstan Primary School is in my ward but I’ve not been given any details of the planning of that, so I’m shocked that I’ve not been informed,” but added, “I’m all for getting cars off the road and into more controlled parking areas.” 

New Bohemians FC did not respond to our requests for comment.