An inspirational woman decided to take action when she found out a young woman escaped domestic abuse with her young baby.

Julie Beresford, 50, heard about the young woman’s story and felt she had to help knowing she left the situation with only the clothes she had on her back.

Hearing the young woman’s story, Julie took action and couldn’t leave the woman and her baby without basic items, so she posted on local forums asking for donations such as food and household furniture.

Julie said: “I’ve been absolutely stunned by how many people came forward wanting to help this young lady, donations flooded in, much more than she could have needed.

“We’ve had offers of gift cards, people willing to drop items off and also food shopping.”

After one post on a local forum Julie received more than 80 comments from people all offering much needed help, furniture, food and clothes.

Julie added: “Everyone in the community have been amazing offering so much and all wishing well to her.”

The actions from Julie and the community have also been a message for any other victims out there to understand that they are not alone.

Julie added: “I would say to anyone who is in a similar situation that as hard as it feels at the time, get out before it’s too late.

“Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed, nobody is judging you and don’t ever feel alone as people are more than willing to help in times of need.

“Most importantly don’t ever feel like it’s your fault, it isn’t it’s the abuser’s fault.”