The Brexit Party candidate for Sheffield South East has deactivated his twitter account after a tweet containing offensive language emerged. 

Kirk Kus, who is now 26, sent the tweet when he was 19. 

His account was deactivated shortly after the South East Echo informed the Brexit Party about this tweet. 

He was elected as a UKIP councillor in the Alvaston ward with a 56.4% majority a in Derby last May and had 2038 votes. 

He later defected to the Brexit Party in July along with four other UKIP councillors.

On his website, Mr Kus states he is “from a working-class and Polish background”, and describes himself as “a democrat, patriotic and Eurosceptic”. 

He also says, on the site, it is time for “ordinary people” who are “in touch with the community and will put country first” to be elected.  

Mr Kus would be the youngest member of parliament if elected and he has a degree from the University of Derby. 

This comes after a Brexit Party candidate for Stoke North was axed after he remarked animal testing should be stopped and carried out on remainers instead.  

Twenty Brexit Party candidates have already quit the party and thrown their support to the Conservatives in the upcoming election.  

A statement from The Brexit Party said that Mr Kus’ post was phrased as a question and that he had not used the phrase ‘approvingly’.  

It also pointed out that it was made shortly after the candidate had turned 20, in 2012.  

It went on: “The candidate is asking what the bizarre and offensive phrase, included in the previous Tweet, means.  

“This is the lowest form of offense archaeology and the Brexit Party stands by the candidate.”