Sheffield City Council is to look into concerns that motorists are driving irresponsibly on Mosborough High Street. 

The Mosborough Under 30 group formed last month after Maria Atherley’s 9-year-old cat Sookie was killed on the road barely a month after Brooke Staves’ dog was killed on the same road. 

The petition, which has been running for just one month has 429 signatures and 25-year-old Brooke Staves hopes the Council will address the issue. 

Speaking at the Council meeting, she said: “What I’m requesting today is increased and improved signage throughout the village to remind drivers it is 30 miles an hour.  

“Another couple shared evidence of damage to their property and near-miss incidents caused by dangerous driving in recent months. 

“We don’t have much signage at all through Mosborough – it’s ridiculous to even cross. There’s a school on there, there’s nurseries, multiple pubs.” 

The group would like to see speed cameras and zebra crossings introduced to “break the road up” and make it safer.  

Miss Staves said: “I do see elderly people, myself and other people struggling to cross the road so it’s not just the speed that’s an issue – It’s actually crossing as well.” 

Miss Staves also highlighted that the speed camera in the area “had been broken for some time”. 

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development, said he had been made aware of the issue by Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East, and would look at ways to improve the situation. 

He said: “I’ve arranged with Clive Betts to go out there and have a look and see what measures we can put out there if there is anything we can do. 

“Your MP has brought all those [concerns] to my attention including the request for a safety camera,” he added.