A Sheffield-based cricket club have been forced to move out of the city over fears about players’ safety at their previous ground.

The Sheffield Super Kings, who played at Graves Park, are in talks to ground share with Dearne Cricket Club, Goldthorpe, in 2020 after unprepared pitches led to players suffering serious injuries last season.

The club will play over 15 miles outside of Sheffield, but their chairman and captain Ram Kodumudi believes the move is needed.

“I don’t want to risk players at this ground right now, it’s not good to play any matches on,” he said.

“Potholes and uneven bounce mean you can’t judge the ball at all, there’s no way opponents will shake our hands and say ‘we will play’.

“For what we pay the council, they should do some justice as well.”

The pitch at Graves Park has resulted in some players giving up areas of cricket.

Lokesh Ramakrishna used to be wicketkeeper for the club but a broken thumb last year has meant he has had to quit the gloves.

He said: “As usual the pitch was too spongy and I got hit twice in the same place during a match.

“I’ve taken good nasty blows with fast bowlers before but the pitch definitely contributed to it.

“It’s hard to field now let alone keep, it’s a really big issue for me.”

Despite the off-field issues, Sheffield Super Kings have enjoyed great success on it.

They have won four trophies and three promotions since their creation in 2014 and are set to play in division two of the Yorkshire and Derbyshire League next season for the first time.

The team celebrating their promotion to division two of the Yorkshire and Derbyshire league.

Mr Kodumudi is bullish the club can continue their rapid rise through the divisions.

“We definitely want to win the league, and we will!” he added.

“It’s not over-confidence because we have ammunition this year but the only thing is the ground, if we have a fixed place the player’s morale will be high.

“We’ve achieved an awful lot in a short span, but we are still really looking forward to next year.”

Sheffield City Council have been contacted for a comment.