We are at the count for the General Election 2019 for the South East constituency. Keep up to date with what is happening below.


21:00 – We are coming to you live from The English Institute of Sport ready to find out who you have elected as your Sheffield South East MP. We will be keeping you up to date all throughout the night so stay tuned.

21:16 – Counters are arriving now and setting up.

21:47 – The hall has now filled up ready to get started on the count. Polls close in just over ten minutes.

22:00 – Polling stations have now closed. Stay tuned for the exit polls!

22:02 – Exit polls say conservatives 368 (+51) Labour 191 (-71) SNP 55 (+20) Liberal Democrats 13 (+1)

22:43 – Still waiting on the ballots. The turnout is expected to have been larger than normal with reports of queues outside polling stations.

22:55 – Clive Betts, Labour, is expected to hold his seat in the South East constituency. However, could come under pressure with the area being a 66% leave majority.

23:15 – Ballot papers have started to arrive and counting is ago!

23:45 – Labour has a 89% chance to hold the South East seat according to exit poll forecast.

00:09 – Reporter, Kasey Smith is now talking to Clive Betts and we will hear more shortly.

00:30 – Clive Betts on exit poll “it is crushing. We can’t dress it up as anything else. We’re going to lose a lot of very good Labour MPs up and down the country probably in traditional Labour seats that we never thought, even five years ago, that we had a chance of losing or the Tories had a chance of winning so very clearly this is a defeat which the Labour Party is going to have to do a lot of reflecting to do.”

00:40 – Clive Betts on Brexit “many of these areas that voted leave thought that Labour wasn’t honouring the result of the referendum, we heard that over and over again. When we had conversations about the difficulties of getting a deal that protected jobs, or problems with the Irish border people just said well get on with it, you know, that’s what you’re there for.

“I think that’s still going to be around because how we deal with the Irish situation is not going to be easy so it isn’t simply that brexit will now be done. We will come out of the EU but how we come out and on what terms is still a big challenge but the other issue was Jeremy’s leadership and this is not me being critical of Jeremy personally, I’ve not gone in for that ever. What I will say is that this was said to me on the doorstep by labour voters over and over again “we can’t vote for you, we have done in the past, we’ve always voted labour, but while Jeremy’s leading we can’t vote for Labour on this occasion.”

00:41 – Reporter, Matthew Rennie, is now talking to Marc Bayliss and we will hear more shortly.

00:50 – Marc Bayliss on exit poll “If that’s how it turns out it will be a great night for the Conservatives. A clear majority will allow us to get Brexit done and that’s clearly one of the key things that has come across here and a real rejection of Corbyn. He is desperately unpopular on the doors of Labour voters. Many of them wanted to vote for Labour but felt Jeremy Corbyn was not suitable Prime Minister of this country and it’s done for them tonight in lots of places.”

00:55 – Marc Bayliss on Labour estitmated demise “I hope Labour recognise you have to be in the mainstream to actually be competitive. This dream land they have been in for the last four years under Corbyn has got to come to an end. It might be really popular in their rallies, but it’s desperately unpopular amongst the ordinary people of this country. From an electoral perspective long may they continue to believe this! It would be good democracy if they return to the centre ground and recognise this is where the elections in this country are won and lost.

01:10 – Reports suggest that this will be the lowest seats for Labour in more than 80 years.

01:34 – Turnout for South East Sheffield was 62.13%

01:51 – At the last election in 2017 the turnout was 63.4%. The weather may have played a part in the decrease for this election.

02:39 – Our reporter Matthew Rennie gives you an update on an eventful General Election night in Sheffield and what is in store for your constituency.

02:57 – Announcement will be soon for some Sheffield constituencies.

03:14 – Revised projected outcome: Conservatives 357 Labour 201

03:27 – We’re getting ready for the announcement. Stay tuned.

3:33 – Clive Betts holds seat for South East Sheffield.

3:34 – Results are as followed: Marc Baylis 15,070; Clive Betts 19,359; Rajin Chowdhury 2125; Kirk Kus 4478; Martin Alex 966; rejected votes 146. Clive Betts, Labour, wins by 4289 votes.

3:38 – That’s all from us for now but see our full story tomorrow for more information.